Why Apple Is Wrong About Music

aw1The problem with iTunes is that in the world of increasing bandwidth and wifi everywhere, nobody wants to have a limited selection of music to choose from — better to have the entire library of music available online all the time.

Let’s think about music media history for a moment. First there were LPs, then there were cassettes, then there were CDs, then there were compressed audio files such as mp3s.

But it seems clear that now a new generation of technology is upon us. The entire notion of personal music collections is being overturned by the internet revolution: why keep around a copy of what I can access instantly anywhere all the time? Why bother downloading and carrying around some small number of songs I can squeeze onto a flash drive, when in fact, pretty soon I can just stream pretty much any music I want off my mobile device connected to wifi or a 3G network?

Steve Jobs and Apple are stuck on the Napster-era business model of download-a-song. But that time is gone. Apple makes its money selling really cool looking hardware and software, not media.

Google Music is set to launch later this year, and you can bet that it will feature a seemingly infinite library of music at your fingertips for nothing. Sites like Grooveshark and LyricsG are already doing just that. Pandora is similar, although they don’t allow you to play a particular song on demand. Rhapsody is in the business of offering the celestial jukebox on the road (via mobile apps) and at home for small monthly fees.

If Apple wants stay alive in the coming media revolution, it needs to rethink the download-a-song mentality of the late 1990s. I think everyone can remember what a revolution it was to simply download songs you would have otherwise had to buy in a record store. But extending this further, downloading individual songs you might want to listen to in the future is just about as backwards today as going to the record store was ten years ago. I know that whenever I want to listen to a particular song, I can just get it off the internet at that moment — I don’t need to squirrel away a collection of songs for future use, I’ll just make sure I’m plugged-in to the net everywhere.

In the meantime, you will be well-served by surfing onto LyricsG and Grooveshark. At LyricsG, you will find song meanings, lyrics, YouTube music videos, and a ton of music that you can play for free with little advertising clutter and a great lyrics search engine. Grooveshark offers a large collection of streamable music on a nicely designed Flash-powered website which you can stored your playlists in.

Ways to sell music on Internet

The internet proves to be the perfect platform to showcase your talent. So? Do you compose music and sing too? Or do you have a band of your own? Perfect! Just don’t sit back and sing for your college. Sell out your music and reach out to people and become a recognised personality. But for this you need to know the correct way of selling your songs.

Make sure that your music is good. No one likes to listen to dull boring tunes. Even if the song has a sad theme, make it interesting and soothing to the ears. This is a very important and the very first step. When you record your song, make sure that your voice is clear. If people don’t understand what you are singing, they will never be interested in your song. Make sure that you are original. Many times it may happen that your song may sound like someone else’s. Be alert and vigilant. Get in touch with a music distribution company which will help you to contact good retailers. These retailers are hard to reach out and don’t work with fresher’s directly therefore, a distribution company will do the need full. Make sure you know all about your company. Put your music in the right format. Search and see what format is best and suits the requirement of retailers. Be mp3 or mp4 you need to see what your distributer recommends you. Pay heed to his advice. The start is always tuff. You need to collect dingo. So, go ahead and take loans. Don’t hesitate. You will be paying it back once you start getting in money. Now comes the most important step. You won’t want someone else claiming your music. It is essential to go through the procedure of copyright and licensing. Copyright has a long process so you need to do a lot of home work. Take help of your company and friends. It is always better to involve an expert to ensure good results. Once everything is set, don’t sit back and relax. Geer up and promote your music. Use as many ways possible for example social networking sites. You can make your own website. Make applications for mobile phones and make it flexible so that it is available on every operating system store. Tell people about your music and tell them to share it with others too. People use the internet almost throughout the day. They will reach out to your songs and if they are good, they will automatically share it. You can share your music on popular websites so that it is viewed. You can also tie-up with SEO’s (Search Engine Optimisation) to attract traffic towards your website. SEO’s will help you better the display of your website and will give it a professional touch. It is a method which is very effective.

Selling music is not an easy job. Remember that following these steps is not the end. The start should be good. If your music is good and pleasing to the ears, you are bound to be successful.

Sytecee is the best apps for buying and selling music applications is now available to all users where people can stream new music videos, go live easily and broadcast their live events.

Time To Take Kids’ Music Lessons

Many parents wonder what age is optimal for their child to enroll into a kids music lessons. Some think the child should start almost at the time they are born. Some don’t want to deprive a child of their childhood and try not to overload them with extracurricular activities. There are also other opinions.
Who is right? How can we find an optimal solution? Anyone can find a bunch of ideas, examples and suggestions on the Internet about music helping a child with their education. Yes, in a magical way music impacts the brain of both adults and children. This is an indisputable fact that has been scientifically proven. If some of you parents do nott know about the advantages of your kids music lessons, it is strongly recommended that you find the necessary literature and read it. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what abilities your child might acquire should they choose to become a music student. They do not need to become a great pianist, guitarist or flute player. It would be enough for them to go to a music school.
Let’s assume you already know the advantages of a musical education. When should your kids music lessons begin? At what age are they ready to learn about music? My answer to this question would be your child can start taking music lessons when they feel they are ready. By that I mean they will be ready to engage in a program of musical education that has specific standards. Of course there are tons of preschool programs and centers for babies and these are great. But what kind of children should attend them?
In order for a child to display any music talent they have to be submerged in a music environment and the sooner the better. These conditions are necessary so they can accumulate a mental database of hearing musical impressions. If parents cannot create the needed environment or don’t know how to do it, it is time you go to the nearest center for early childhood education that offers music lessons. Specialists working there are very knowledgeable. They are very creative and have a great deal of learning material. If you do not have 10-15 minutes a day to help your child develop music abilities, you may also want to take advantage of what the educational center offers.
But you have to remember that going there two or three times a week is good but it won’t change much. Why? Imagine that your child hears human speech once or twice a week for 20-30 minutes… What are the chances they will start talking? The same goes for their musical abilities. The child has to listen to music daily and parents need to have an idea of simple things they can do to help the child. The database of musical sound impressions will gradually increase. At first they will try to make odd music sounds, and then they will be able to sing a couple of lines from a song they know that will be very close to the original.
If you have a good ear for music, don’t judge your child’s first vocal attempts too much. They are just starting to sing. After all you don’t seem to fret when they utter their first words and there sentences are not spoken correctly. A child’s musical talent can be compared to the small sprout that emerges from a seed and comes through the soil to greet the sun. Give them care, warmth, water, and protect them from the wind and the hot sun. Keep developing and enriching the database of musical sounds and stimulate and encourage any music initiative your child might display. There will be a day when your plant will blossom. You will see the pleasure your child gets from singing and they will dance once they hear the music.
Do nott rush your child into taking music classes. Let them choose when they want to take these classes. After they decide they want to learn about music then it is your turn to take action. Go out and get them the best kids music lessons available.

Times music album combination of great and heart touching songs

Music is an important part of one’s life and it is said to have mystic power as well. The soothing and enjoyable music gives an exotic life away from all the worries and tensions. Your music preference changes with your mood. The choice of music in each person vary from one to another and that is the reason that we have variety of music forms in almost every part of the country. Music can be one of the best option to stay away from your tensions and worries. Music bridges the gap between the various religions, culture and castes. It gives you the pleasure of excitement, joy and happiness. It is even said that music gives you various physical and psychological benefits of health. If you consider music only as a measure to entertainment then probably you are missing a lot more about the benefits of music. Keeping this mind, has bought a complete collection of various CD, DVD and MP3. Times music album contains the mystic sagas of variety of songs. It contains the songs of various genre like romance, devotion, inspirational, pregnancy, kids, international and many more. Music is a kind of therapy that aid wellness, carry off stress, relieve pain, express your feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, and promote physical rehabilitation. Times music album offers you a great combination of music for almost all kinds of feelings and mods that you won’t get anywhere else and would love to hear. There is a combination of almost all kinds of music to change or motivate your mood. You can find a variety of music CD and MP3 at our website that can fill your mind and soul with sheer pleasure and joy. It is well said that music has that mysterious quality to mend your heart if that is broken, it can give you strength to express your feelings. You can simply dedicate a music CD or DVD to your friends of their choice and can contribute it making them happy. A person emotionally involved in the divine almighty would love to listen to the various devotional and sacred music that will give him a peaceful mind. In the same manner, a person deeply in love would want to hear the emotional heart touching romantic songs from the different eras of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The crux here is everyone has their taste and mood of music and keeping that in mind, we have bought a wide assortment of music CD and DVD at an affordable price. If you are fond of music and want to hear the best of its kind then is the website you must never forget. These not only relaxes your mind but also relax the life inside you.

Wedding Brides Have Options For Live Ceremony And Reception Music With Traditional Styles

PressRelease) “Wedding Brides planning on a Central Oregon Wedding venue have numerous choices for live music from Fiddlplay that range from Traditional Wedding Music to beautiful Celtic Melodies that touch the hearts of both the wedding party and it’s guests”. Reports Dolphin Graphics Bend Oregon.

As the wedding party and guests arrive the strains of beautiful Fiddle/Violin music is wafting in the air. The seated guests are all smiling and listening to the lovely melodies that are being played by Fiddler Roland White, of Fiddlplay Music in Bend Oregon.

The wedding songs are chosen as much for their names as the beautiful melodies that are created to warm the hearts and souls of all those who attend. Melodies such as; Give Me Your Hand”, Haste to the Wedding, Lovers Waltz, Simple Gifts and The Ashgrove to name but a few.

Roland White & Fiddlplay Music provide live music that is both beautiful and memorable for weddings, ceremonies, receptions and anniversaries. “There is nothing more special than providing the wedding party and guests beautiful melodies that speak to the heart”.

Whether indoors or outdoors Brides are selecting one of Central Oregon’s many scenic wedding venues for their special day. Fiddlplay has performed wedding music at many beautiful Central Oregon locations such as Tetherow Golf & Country Club, The Lodge at Camp Sherman, The Stone Church in Bend and Eagle Crest Resort. Fiddlplay is available for all occasions to provide background music that is perfect for friends and family.

Here is what some of his clients say.

From the Wedding Bride: “I cannot recommend Roland more highly to play for your wedding or other special event. We were lucky enough to have Roland play for our ceremony and dinner at our wedding and his music added to the intimacy and importance of the evening. His music is beautiful and he is wonderful to work with. He is truly and artist and it is evident by his music and character”.

Wedding Party: “What a wonderful atmosphere you created with the beautiful music. The Guests and wedding party were thrilled at the live music in the old church. It was perfect for the location and the wedding”.

50th Golden Wedding Anniversary “I am happy to recommend Fiddlplay to anyone looking for great fiddler and/or traditional Irish music. I hired Fiddlplay for my parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary July 2012. Being Irish immigrants to America I knew my parents love to have Irish music as part of our family celebration. Roland and his partner on guitar walked into the dining room playing a jig and within minutes my parents were on their feet dancing. We requested traditional Irish music to be played both before and after dinner. One after another, the tunes kept coming and most of the room was on their feet dancing and celebrating. Fiddlplay converted a family dinner into an Irish musical celebration of a beautiful marriage that has gone the distance. Thank you, Roland”.

Seasonal Party It was our pleasure to have you bring your special sparkle to our party.. It made a good party, an extra special one .Thanks and happy holidays!

Birthday Party Roland was kind enough to play non stop for three hours at my birthday party in early December. He was truly inspiring to all who listened, and made for a very lively party! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Located in Central Oregon Fiddlplay provides wedding music for locations in Portland, Eugene, Salem, the Oregon Coast, Bend & Sisters. For locations outside Central Oregon there is a Travel Expense Charge.

His web site fiddlplay is linked to major regional and national wedding services and websites for wedding vendors and venues.

Visit the Fiddlplay Wedding Page for all the information you need to contact Fiddlplay.

What Are Music Loops

Musicians today are lucky to be able have a wide variety of tools and equipment on hand to create and play music. While earlier musicians just used traditional musical instruments, and perhaps an old fashion pen and paper, to play and compose music, today many musicians are using computer programs to compose and perform songs. One of the most popular tools when it comes to creating music is called music loops.

What is a music loop?

Music loops are a recording of a small portion of a song (usually only one bar long) or sound that repeats over and over on continuous loop, hence the name music loops.

Why do musicians use music loops?

A music loop means that a person can create music and sounds (for example, speeding up the sound on the loop or even playing a loop in reverse) that would not be possible by playing a traditional instrument. If a person sits down and plays a musical instrument, like a piano, they can do a lot of great things, but there are some limitations. A person’s hand might only be able to physically play notes so fast, and a person can make mistakes. Music loops repeat the same sound or bar without error, giving people creative freedom and flexibility within their music.

How are music loops played?

Traditionally, music loops were recorded and played on a tape machine; but now, most are recorded and stored on a computer or in a computer program. This makes using music loops for playing and composing any piece of music much easier-particularly when it comes to recording a song, since most recording studios (even home recording studios) record digitally on a computer or in computer program.

Do people need to be computer savvy to use music loops?

While the original computer programs that used music loops may have been confusing, today’s music loops programs are much simpler to understand. In fact, for most people living in our growing technological society, using music loops and other music programs is easy. Generally, the music loop software can be installed and used on a variety of computers and platforms that people are already familiar with.

What are some other benefits of using music loops software?

Music loops software programs have the capability to record and play hundreds, even thousands, of different music loops-much more than a traditional tape recorder would have been able to play. Additionally, music loops software often comes with prerecorded loops, known as sample libraries, that musicians and composers can use and play around with when creating and playing music.

While computers never used to be associated with playing or creating music, today it would be hard to find a musician who is not using a computer software program. Programs that use music loops offer professional and hobbyist musicians creative and intriguing ways to compose, record, and play a variety of songs.

The technology and knowledge of music loops of OUTPUT can help you create your own masterpiece. Our brand new music company develops innovative software instruments for musicians, composers, producers and sound designers across all genres. To know what looping means in music, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

Ticketmaster Bots-why Music Lovers Like Ticketmaster Bot More Than Ticketmaster Website

Why music lovers like ticketmaster bots more than ticketmaster website

When it comes to attending some musical concert of some favorite musical band or artist, lovers get excited and start looking for the tickets to attend that concert, and the first choice that comes in mind for buying a ticket is the worldwide best website, but since from when people start getting to fail in buying premium and vip tickets because of the rush at and tickets limitations, majority start looking for the alternative to it, hereby people required some automated desktop based software and so ticketmaster bot sweeps the market!
Ticketmaster bots is now considered to be the best choice for buying tickets at the earliest even by the normal gentry not just for the ticket broker’s sector. Ticketmaster bot is a very useful desktop based application, which helps you in pulling the available ticket’s information from and also from the other ticketing websites.

Anyone can use this software as it is developed for a wide market not targeted to any niche market; it is developed with very simple mouse clicking functions, which doesnt require typing as such. Ticketmaster spinner is fast in working, easy in use and a way out to get rid of time wasting procedures of buying tickets. Ticketmaster bots is obviously a best tool for ticketmaster bots ticket brokers, as bulk tickets are always bought by them and ticketmaster bot helps proficiently in buying bulk tickets in a one go!

No more need to waste time on ticketing websites music lovers, ticket master bots is the software for you and a solution to your problems, it is a onetime investment which is worthy because of its cheap price. And for brokers this is the best tool to invest on if you are really in need to get some handsome return on investment ROI! It is automated, so just once you have entered your requirements in the software, and then it is not needed to keep sitting in front of your laptop or pc.

Get it now! It was the best ticket master bot that I have used and I would really recommend all of the music concert lovers and brokers to get it as well ASAP!
Solution to purchase Tickets from all ticketing websites by our ticketmaster bots.

What Is Needed To Record Music At Home

Lets begin on some of the stuff you will be needing to record music at home . Just remember this is for beginner home studio fun. This isn’t for setting up a professional recording studio. But no to worry, you will be able to make pro sounding music.

The Computer:

your going to need a half way up to date computer. I use this system. Pentium 4, 160GB HD, 2g of ram. your going to need a sound card and a CD-R drive. If your system is more powerful then mine, you should be able to handle the requirements. also, I run on a system that I only do home recording on. There are no other things done with this computer. That’s why i can get away with an older system.

Sound Input:

Now that we have the system we need an input to get our recordings with. This also goes by other names such as soundcards or mixers. What this does is connect the audio to your system. This can be used to connect your instruments/vocals or what ever it is you would like to record. Some can get costly, other you can get for next to nothing. I purchase one off E-Bay for around 20 bucks. we can discus the ones you should buy later. For now we can make it easy. They come in 2 types. External or Internal. The difference is that one is plugged in to your computer from the inside (Internal). The external can be plugged in on the outside. I like external to record music at home. It’s simpler to install. most are Plug and Play. Some are midi enabled.
I like the Tascam US-122 which is not produced anymore (They make a new version of it). It has everything I like to use for recording music.

Software and Applications

This is the backbone of recording. This is what is used to record, mix, and polish your music. Now i’m not sure which is the greatest choice, (Remember we are not making a pro-studio.) but i can direct you to good software for good prices. the one i like is the Sony Acid line. This stuff is simple to operate. It uses multi-track recording and sound effects. You can get this one for about 60 dollars. Some input devices come with software.

Have fun and Record Music at Home.

Tips To Safe Music Download From The Internet

Most of us these days like to listen and enjoy the MP3 music in the form of songs, instrumental music, or jazz stored on our iPODs or iPhones.

What’s more the convenience of downloading the music of your choice from the Internet is just a click away. Use the online music stores on the Internet to download the grooves of your choice and listen to them on your music player within no time at all.

These mp3 files are most of the time downloaded from the internet. There are numerous sites of music available for download in the internet and you can have music of your own choice. But the question is how to have a safe download?

As it is when a file is downloaded from the internet there are lots of other things that can be downloaded as well which might not be safe for your system. Let us check on the tips to ensure safe downloading and an enjoyable experience of listening to music.

First and foremost ensure that your Operating System (OS) supports the software that the music downloadable site would install on your system. To do this, check the list of OS that the music software supports and avoid any further conflicts that could interrupt or stop you from downloading any songs.

Most of the websites although claim to be a free site or paid site for music download come up with some hidden charges while in the process of downloading the file. And you end up paying more than you thought it would be.

Here again it is better to download from reputed sites that says well in advance the total amount chargeable for the file download. This will help you in keeping good check on your account for unnecessary expenses. The information for these sites can be gathered easily from the discussion boards and forums online.

Also there are adwares and spywares that get downloaded with the music files in our system and causes problem in the normal functioning of the system. Special care has to be taken while choosing the site for downloading the music files.

Sometimes some sites allow only limited download in a month and start charging after that. It is better to opt for sites that give unlimited download with a flat fee so that you are worried much for the number of downloading.

Not only this, select the sites that offer you technical support on a 24x 7 basis, ensuring hassle free music download. What’s more the technical personal available online can take care of all the technical problems you may encounter during music download process.

In the absence of such facility, you may be unable to download your favorite songs or music even after paying for it. Don’t forget to check that the downloading process is explained in easy and simple steps.

Avoid selecting music sites that will let you download music only after you follow a set of complicated steps making the entire process time consuming and at times very expensive too.

After you get used to websites offering secure downloadable music easily at economical rates and provide attractive options too, you might get addicted to the same making it a habit to frequently download a lot of music.

These tips if followed carefully will help you download quality MP3 songs that would always enjoy listening to.

What Is The Best Music To Listen To In A Limo

They say that when music hits you, you feel no pain. You stand up and start dancing unknowingly. If you were in a place and no music is playing, you get bored and may end up leaving. No occasion is a success without music. Even old people would like to have music in their important day. So music is a very important tool of entertainment.

What determines the kind of music to play in a limo? Limousine hire vehicles usually come equipped with some of the best music systems around to entertain you for your occasion of hire.

You will note that the level of the music depends entirely on the listener. If you want loud explosive music, the limo has what you want. The kind of music to play in a limo depends on a number of factors: the occasion for which the limo is hired for, you do not expect a limo hired for a burial ceremony to have loud music. They would play songs that are sad and have a message for the deceased. They should encourage them. So this is the best music you can play here.

For occasions like birthday parties for kids, they would be contented with kids songs that are also new. Sometimes kids like listening to music that is on everybodys lips. This is new music that everyone is dancing to.

For a wedding ceremony the ideal music would be love songs to spice up the newlyweds. A school prom night would be colourful if graced by the modern music. Young lads like fashionable music to their ears.

For stag nights and hen nights, this is a special night. Boys like hard music e.g. hip hop reggae, crunk, rock etc. for hen nights girls like listening to love songs and soft music. Hiring a limo for them means including soothing music.

The age of the hirer of the limo: I do not expect old people to have loud and booming music piercing their ears. Some would even get severe headaches for such kind of music.
The old folks need low volume music to their ears. The youths on the other hand would like a limo that has an explosive music system. They are young and want to listen to the music of the recent days. They like hip hop, r.n.b, blues, reggae, raga, rock music, soul crunk, gospel etc. this is the kind of music that many young people request for when they are hiring limousines. They also want it to be massive. So for young people loud and booming music is the best choice for them.

The number of people occupying the limo: if there are many people in the limo, the noise
will be too much so they would like the kind of music that will neutralize the noise and make every one stop conversing and listen to their favourite songs. For this kind of limo hire, the hit songs would be a perfect choice. Everybody loves fresh hits that are on the airwaves every day.

The case will be different if you are if you are a couple celebrating your love for each other. The music for such a setting should be slow and romantic it should contain love messages to spoil the both of you. Such music is blues, rnb lovers rock, etc. this is the best music that such people. Limos will always have whatever the kind of music you like for which ever the occasion.

Top 5 Drum Machines To Advance Your Music Production Career

It seems like every industry has tools to help consumers be professionals, and the music industry is no exception. Todays fans have more access to the tools these musicians and producers use to create their craft especially in the world of music loops and drum machines for hip hop — than any generation of fans in the past.

In short, it is now very possible to create professional sounding music loops with drum machines and launch a music production career
with little help from traditional music industry gatekeepers.

1)Beat Thang

Where to start with this product? A drum machine at its most basic, its the only portable, battery powered device that is small and compact enough to be transported in your backpack and capable of recording samples anywhere. Released by Grammy award winning beat maker Dallas Austin and Beat Kangz electronics, Beat Thang is arguably the best bang for your buck on the drum machine / music loop hardware product for music production careerists in the market right now.

Considering Beat Thangs extremely intuitive interface, this drum machine is a great buy for anyone intent on building a thriving music production career.

2)Roland MV 8800

This drum machine offers all you need from song conception to release, including components designed for tracking, mixing, and mastering any and all music loops you design. Perhaps most beneficial is that it comes loaded with Rolands legendary instrument and effects models, all of which can be used to create amazing music loops. Many music production careers have been born out of using it, and theres no reason it cant do the same for your music production career.

3)Akai MPC 2500

Similarly to Roland, Akai is another stalwart brand for those with music production careers, known best for its various high end drum machines.

It comes with less RAM than Beat Thang (128 MB vs. 256), but still has on board effects processors and MIDI connections (in case you wanted to write your own music loops on a MIDI keyboard). Whats cool about this one is that its possible to synchronize samples of different lengths without changing pitch.

4)Korg M3

This synthesizer, while not strictly a drum machine, packs just as much punch as the other items that are more geared towards hip hop and electronic music loops and beats. With so many applications and features that become easier to use as your music production career progresses, the possibilities with the Korg M3 seem endless.

However, while its versatility may be an advantage, the time it takes to learn the drum machine and all of its nuances is a disadvantage. Masterin it is not for the faint of heart, though doing so will do more for your music production career than just learning basics on other music loop software.

5)Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops is standalone software specifically for creating music loops that is installed on a computer, not hardware. But, its nearly a household name because of its ease of use. If youre really just looking for the basics that a cut and paste looping software can offer (for relatively cheap), then Fruity Loops is your best bet. But, dont expect to progress too far in any music production career if thats all you know how to use.