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Why Apple Is Wrong About Music

aw1The problem with iTunes is that in the world of increasing bandwidth and wifi everywhere, nobody wants to have a limited selection of music to choose from — better to have the entire library of music available online all the time.

Let’s think about music media history for a moment. First there were LPs, then there were cassettes, then there were CDs, then there were compressed audio files such as mp3s.

But it seems clear that now a new generation of technology is upon us. The entire notion of personal music collections is being overturned by the internet revolution: why keep around a copy of what I can access instantly anywhere all the time? Why bother downloading and carrying around some small number of songs I can squeeze onto a flash drive, when in fact, pretty soon I can just stream pretty much any music I want off my mobile device connected to wifi or a 3G network?

Steve Jobs and Apple are stuck on the Napster-era business model of download-a-song. But that time is gone. Apple makes its money selling really cool looking hardware and software, not media.

Google Music is set to launch later this year, and you can bet that it will feature a seemingly infinite library of music at your fingertips for nothing. Sites like Grooveshark and LyricsG are already doing just that. Pandora is similar, although they don’t allow you to play a particular song on demand. Rhapsody is in the business of offering the celestial jukebox on the road (via mobile apps) and at home for small monthly fees.

If Apple wants stay alive in the coming media revolution, it needs to rethink the download-a-song mentality of the late 1990s. I think everyone can remember what a revolution it was to simply download songs you would have otherwise had to buy in a record store. But extending this further, downloading individual songs you might want to listen to in the future is just about as backwards today as going to the record store was ten years ago. I know that whenever I want to listen to a particular song, I can just get it off the internet at that moment — I don’t need to squirrel away a collection of songs for future use, I’ll just make sure I’m plugged-in to the net everywhere.

In the meantime, you will be well-served by surfing onto LyricsG and Grooveshark. At LyricsG, you will find song meanings, lyrics, YouTube music videos, and a ton of music that you can play for free with little advertising clutter and a great lyrics search engine. Grooveshark offers a large collection of streamable music on a nicely designed Flash-powered website which you can stored your playlists in.

Transcending Music Why Guitar Lessons Are Good For Your Health

When one enrolls in guitar lessons, his primary purpose is to learn the musical instrument and create music. However, pursuing the guitar will not merely improve your musical skills, but it offers lots of benefits for your health too. Guitar lessons will also improve your social life.

There are still a lot of good reasons why you should consider attending classes on guitar, even if you are not planning to become a professional guitarist. Music is not only a social activity which will help you gain new friends. It is actually good for your mental and physical health. Here are some of the health benefits one will get from learning and playing the guitar:

Music in General Provides Stress Therapy

Various studies have proven that music in general has positive effect on a person’s mind. Music is even used as a therapy to promote healing and better emotional health. One could listen to music, sing along with music, or play instruments to ward off stress and anxiety.

Music can also be used as a tool when one is performing yoga or meditation. According to research, music has the ability to stimulate the production of endorphins or hormones that promote a “feel good” vibe.

When you play the guitar, and sing a relaxing song, you can immediately experience a reduction of stress and anxiety. Mantra sounds for instance can be played using relaxing melodies with guitar.

Improves Your Memory

Musical instrument is not learned instantly and guitar teachers know this. They have to give their students a few exercises, pointers, and lessons to memorize, for them to learn the guitar. But unlike your history class, which includes memorizing dates and names, music has a certain charm that encourages students to learn chords, notes, and movements. Some people even suggest that you add music to things that you are memorizing to remember them better.

While learning the guitar, you have to get to know countless notes and chords to be able to play different songs. This improves brain capacity to remember things better.

Promotes Better Brain Function

Aside from improving your capability to remember, learning the guitar in guitar lessons will also improve your overall brain function. It can help in your academic studies as well. Some studies have found that a student who plays a musical instrument performs better in Math and Comprehension compared with their non-musician counterparts.

A person’s concentration ability gets better when engaged in playing music. This is because you have to think about different things at the same time like notes, tempo, and rhythm of the song you are performing or practicing. Playing the guitar in particular helps you concentrate while your left hand is fretting the notes and the right hand is strumming the strings.

Physical workout

Learning the guitar from guitar teachers is a physical activity too. An hour of playing the musical instrument already helps you burn about 90 calories. Moreover, strumming and fretting the guitar helps you flex and strengthen your arms, hands, fingers, and legs. Aside from this, playing the guitar also improves body coordination especially hand-eye coordination.