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What’s Inside The Tour Buses Of Famous American Music Celebrities

Tour Buses of American singers contain rooms, facilities and stuff like that of a home.

Music celebrities generally have one or two tour buses which they utilize especially when they hold concerts and album promotions.

A luxury tour bus normally has video and audio systems, restrooms, air ride suspension, personal reading lamps, and mini-kitchen.

A tour bus is much more like a typically furnished home; it is just that it comes with wheels. For example, the home on wheels of Britney Spears is equipped with everything the artist needs when shes far from her actual residence. Everyone knows Britney as the famous and controversial celebrity who made so many fans swoon with her song Oops I did it Again and others.

Her tour group would consist of ten luxury coaches. However it is quite easy to suppose which one belongs to Britney. Hers is the one with the bedroom in the rear part of the bus. Her bedroom is furnished with candles, laces as well as a queen-sized bed neatly made with warm pillows and a lilac comforter.

Britneys tour bus is fully complete with the living room, where she would have her guests, normally correspondents, hang about while on rolling tour. Theres also a bathroom where Britney loves to unwind at the end of the day. Her bus also has a tanning bed which she would usually bring with her on musical tours. Apparently, her tour bus come with essentials Britney ought to have to keep her comfortable, every time.
Pantries and kitchens are also essential in celebrities tour buses. In them you not only find fridge, coffee makers, microwave ovens, but also some collections of favorite snacks as well.

Jeremy Davis, bass of the Paramore, the band who obtained their gold records for Riot! has some favorite nibbles. An assortment of cereals such as Raisin Bran Crunch and Cap’n Crunch Crunchberries are found in their bus pantry. In addition, the band members would often get granolas and combine them with yogurt, too. Gummy bears, chips, cheese, chips, and salsa also make up the bands tour bus pantry. The bands refrigerator does not have any alcohol though as majority of the members are below 21; only juices, drinking water, and spreads are there.

Of course, the make up kit that includes powder, lipsticks, eye shadows, and concealers is part of every celebritys supplies that should always be brought on the road.
Paramores only girl member, Hayley Williams reveals that sunscreen and black eyeliner is her everyday beauty ritual. She cleans her face with boiled (cooled afterwards) water because the water from the bus is quite dirty. A Johnsons baby powder was also obvious in one of her photos taken inside their bus.

Wardrobes including some formal and casual apparels, costumes, hats, and accessories lay inside the buses of music celebrities.

Its also common for celebrity tour buses to hold laptop computers. As with Paramore, every member brings with him/her a Mac laptop.

Musical equipments and instruments such as guitars typically adorn the buses of singers.
For living rooms, comfy sofas, tables, throw pillows, television sets, and magazines usually grace the place. Bedrooms come with blankets and comforters. After all, every singer needs to rest no matter how hectic the schedule is.

Traditional Music and Dance – A Taste of Maldivian Culture

Within the breathtaking beauty of the Maldivian Island, there is a rich culture that is both enticing and intriguing. Among the many traditional rituals that adorn the essence of the Maldives, song and dance stands out. The area has its very own music and performances. Dating back several decades, these traditions are unique to this island. A visit to the Maldives must include a touch of music and dance in one’s agenda.

Although modern dance is slowly blending into its culture, it is the traditional folk dance that carries with it the heart of the Maldives. There are several names when it comes to folk dances in the Maldives; depending on the island you visit you will find one more commonly performed than the other. Perhaps the most famous type of Maldivian folk dance is the Bodu Beru. It is performed in almost every island and is characterised by the beating of drums. Traditional instruments such as coconut shells are also interestingly part of the musical instruments used to perform the Bodu Beru. Then there is the Bandiyaa Jehun which is another traditional folk dance that has a touch of Indian to it. The Bolimalaafath Neshu is one of the few folk dances that is actually performed by women, as most dances in Maldives are actually lead primarily by men. This dance is performed mainly in occasions like the religious festival of Eid. The Dhandi Jehun is also a name popular throughout the many islands in the area but in each island the performance is slightly different from the other. Other names of dance performances include the Fathigandu Jehun, the Gao Odi Lava, the Kadhaa Maali, the Langiri and the famous Thaara, a dance with a unique Arabian touch to it.

For being such a tiny island, the country certainly has a huge range of traditional folk dances. To absorb the full essence of beautiful Maldives, stay at the Maafushivaru Maldives. The name Maafushivaru is associated with one of finest resorts in Maldives. All the delightful facilities and unmatched surroundings, makes this stand out as the best of the Maldives island resorts.

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