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What Is Needed To Record Music At Home

Lets begin on some of the stuff you will be needing to record music at home . Just remember this is for beginner home studio fun. This isn’t for setting up a professional recording studio. But no to worry, you will be able to make pro sounding music.

The Computer:

your going to need a half way up to date computer. I use this system. Pentium 4, 160GB HD, 2g of ram. your going to need a sound card and a CD-R drive. If your system is more powerful then mine, you should be able to handle the requirements. also, I run on a system that I only do home recording on. There are no other things done with this computer. That’s why i can get away with an older system.

Sound Input:

Now that we have the system we need an input to get our recordings with. This also goes by other names such as soundcards or mixers. What this does is connect the audio to your system. This can be used to connect your instruments/vocals or what ever it is you would like to record. Some can get costly, other you can get for next to nothing. I purchase one off E-Bay for around 20 bucks. we can discus the ones you should buy later. For now we can make it easy. They come in 2 types. External or Internal. The difference is that one is plugged in to your computer from the inside (Internal). The external can be plugged in on the outside. I like external to record music at home. It’s simpler to install. most are Plug and Play. Some are midi enabled.
I like the Tascam US-122 which is not produced anymore (They make a new version of it). It has everything I like to use for recording music.

Software and Applications

This is the backbone of recording. This is what is used to record, mix, and polish your music. Now i’m not sure which is the greatest choice, (Remember we are not making a pro-studio.) but i can direct you to good software for good prices. the one i like is the Sony Acid line. This stuff is simple to operate. It uses multi-track recording and sound effects. You can get this one for about 60 dollars. Some input devices come with software.

Have fun and Record Music at Home.

Tips To Safe Music Download From The Internet

Most of us these days like to listen and enjoy the MP3 music in the form of songs, instrumental music, or jazz stored on our iPODs or iPhones.

What’s more the convenience of downloading the music of your choice from the Internet is just a click away. Use the online music stores on the Internet to download the grooves of your choice and listen to them on your music player within no time at all.

These mp3 files are most of the time downloaded from the internet. There are numerous sites of music available for download in the internet and you can have music of your own choice. But the question is how to have a safe download?

As it is when a file is downloaded from the internet there are lots of other things that can be downloaded as well which might not be safe for your system. Let us check on the tips to ensure safe downloading and an enjoyable experience of listening to music.

First and foremost ensure that your Operating System (OS) supports the software that the music downloadable site would install on your system. To do this, check the list of OS that the music software supports and avoid any further conflicts that could interrupt or stop you from downloading any songs.

Most of the websites although claim to be a free site or paid site for music download come up with some hidden charges while in the process of downloading the file. And you end up paying more than you thought it would be.

Here again it is better to download from reputed sites that says well in advance the total amount chargeable for the file download. This will help you in keeping good check on your account for unnecessary expenses. The information for these sites can be gathered easily from the discussion boards and forums online.

Also there are adwares and spywares that get downloaded with the music files in our system and causes problem in the normal functioning of the system. Special care has to be taken while choosing the site for downloading the music files.

Sometimes some sites allow only limited download in a month and start charging after that. It is better to opt for sites that give unlimited download with a flat fee so that you are worried much for the number of downloading.

Not only this, select the sites that offer you technical support on a 24x 7 basis, ensuring hassle free music download. What’s more the technical personal available online can take care of all the technical problems you may encounter during music download process.

In the absence of such facility, you may be unable to download your favorite songs or music even after paying for it. Don’t forget to check that the downloading process is explained in easy and simple steps.

Avoid selecting music sites that will let you download music only after you follow a set of complicated steps making the entire process time consuming and at times very expensive too.

After you get used to websites offering secure downloadable music easily at economical rates and provide attractive options too, you might get addicted to the same making it a habit to frequently download a lot of music.

These tips if followed carefully will help you download quality MP3 songs that would always enjoy listening to.